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Our Involvement Is Your Benefit

We leverage the gains of web technology on immense platform support, fast development cycles, as well as easy provisioning. We build high performing, device agnostic, native like products that run inside or outside of your browser.

Mutual Development Process

Our collaborative software development process leads to high quality products. The outcome of our rapid development cycles are viable prototypes. This allows for necessary adjustments, enables reliable project management, and results in faster time-to-market.

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Built To Fit Into Your Infrastructure

Our software products are extensible and integratable by default, built upon open standards. They are based on our reliable OBA platform for data storage and component communication, which can be run standalone on your company servers or in the web.

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Software Development

Feature Driven Development

Our development process follows the core idea of the agile method Feature Driven Development (FDD). It contains six1) simple steps to keep the highly important balance between planning, implementation and early validations of an IT solution.

In contrast to many agile methods the first phase contains a planning phase to emphasize the motivation, scope and goal of the IT solution together with stakeholders and solution architects.

Each business need is described as features (a.k.a. stories) to get the whole picture. These features are then prioritized and combined in milestones to plan the roadmap together with dependencies between features.

Release early and often is our premise. Depending on the project size and stakeholder ressources the milestone results are reviewed, discussed and validated in a periodic manner - usually a two week cycle.

Each review step helps in staying close to the customer needs, discuss (changing) features and stay in control concerning time and budget. Adjustments are welcome, important and truly natural to a software project!

This approach has proven to our customers and us to be the ideal mixture between good old waterfall and full blown agile methods.

1) The original FDD method contains five steps leaving out an implicit review and validation step.

Using the OBA Platform

Agile Development Process

The backbone of all our software solutions is the OBA Platform.

Products are built upon a set of predefined or customer-specific business modules. A module bundles all logic, functionality and rules specified for encapsulated business requirements. Defining business modules is a core task of our Feature Driven Development process.

The OBA Platform provides common functionalities such as enforcing the business rules, storing data, and the communication with frontends. Interfaces are based on standard protocols, enabling the integration of the customers existing IT infrastructure, for example authentification services or asset repositories.

Focusing on the business modules ensures high involvement of our customers domain experts. Moreover the platform is built for reuse of logical definitions and code generation in front- and backend. That means: Less time spent on tedious tasks of software development and more time for validating prototypes and improving the product.

Our Software Stack
NodeJS - Serverside JavaScript
MariaDB - Relational Database
Web Components

About us

The Company

OneBitAhead GmbH

OneBitAhead GmbH

Founding the OneBitAhead GmbH in July 2015 enabled us to bundle our knowledge and passion for software development and project management. It is also the evolution of the past 15 years of collaboration which produced our web related book series and software products.

The Founders

Dr. Gunnar Thies

Dr. Gunnar Thies

Gunnar Thies has a PhD in computer science, his thesis covers web oriented architectures. He worked as IT architect and subsequently led a team of software developers. He is an expert in IT architecture and also very deep into JavaScript and Node.js.

Stefan Reimers at ERCIS Launch Pad 2015

Stefan Reimers

Stefan Reimers was a business intelligence consultant, became tech lead for a from-scratch financial data warehouse project, and also co-founded the local commerce platform koomio. He is much into databases and analytics, as well as user interface design.

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The OneBitAhead GmbH is represented by its two CEO Dr. Gunnar Thies and Stefan Reimers

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